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Sep 15

Black Sea Stakeholder Conference on Blue Economy


Batumi, Georgia

'Connecting the region through marine and maritime cooperation'

Building on the success of the previous three events, in Bucharest (2014), Sofia (2015) and most recently in Odessa (2016), the conference has turned into a main forum for institutional and private stakeholders working on maritime affairs in the Black Sea to discuss common actions to:

  • support blue growth,
  • support integration,
  • share innovative business practices,
  • improve marine knowledge and enhance marine environment
  • promote maritime careers,
  • identify sources of funding for maritime projects and
  • seek partners to fulfil them.

Technical workshops will focus the debates on the above-mentioned themes and seek an open discussion with the audience.

This year, the conference will also take stock of the implementation of the Bucharest declaration adopted in October 2016 on sustainable fisheries and discuss concrete actions to improve the sustainability of fishing resources, particularly with regard to scientific advice, sustainable small-scale fisheries, capacity building, and fight against IUU fishing.

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Sep 13

EMODnet Checkpoint Methods Workshop

13.09.2017 - 15.09.2017

Rome, Italy

After the successful EMODnet Stakeholder Conference & Sea-basin Workshops held in February, the EMODnet Sea-basin Checkpoints are ready to meet again in Rome on 13th September 2017 to discuss their latest achievements.

Discussions will focus on:

  • Synthesis of the Checkpoint workshop: towards a common but flexible approach/methodology,
  • EMODnet Stakeholder Conference outcomes,
  • Latest results and updates from the Checkpoints,
  • Maintenance of Checkpoint portals and products,
  • Specific Checkpoint recommendations for EMODnet thematic portals & Data Ingestion project.

The Sea-basin Checkpoints workshop will be followed by the EMODnet Steering Committee. The EMODnet Steering Committee meets twice a year to revise progress and set the priorities for future developments.

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Sep 12

Sea Traffic Management Midterm conference

12.09.2017 - 13.09.2017

Venice, Italy

Results and progress from, probably, the world´s largest e-navigation project involving 300 ships and 13 ports will be shared during the midterm conference. Starting at 13.00 on September 12 and finishing at 13.00 on September 13, you will gain an efficient use of your time, with interesting subjects, discussions and ample scope for networking. We suspect that the breaks will offer you very special value, thanks to informal meetings with the right people.

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Sep 11

iMarCo2017 3rd International Marine Connectivity

11.09.2017 - 13.09.2017

Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium

iMarco is a new initiative aimed at creating an international network for promoting collaborative projects among European scientists interested in the study of marine connectivity. The network covers a broad spectrum of marine science disciplines including physical oceanography, microchemistry, genetics and evolutionary ecology, behaviour, tagging, fisheries and aquaculture.The strategic objective of iMarCo is to organise and create synergies among the European scientific community sharing an interest in the understanding of the spatial dynamics of marine populations.

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Sep 10

World Seafood Congress

10.09.2017 - 13.09.2017

Reykjavik, Iceland

The focus of the WSC 2017 is on the growth in the Blue-Bioeconomy, practical approach and cutting edge research for market innovation, food safety and food integrity. Three main pillars of the WSC 2017 are:

  • Seafood Innovation: Innovation stories and investment opportunities
  • Food safety in the context of seafood innovation and international trade
  • Food integrity: How to counteract food fraud in the age of increased e-commerce, tourism and demands of value chain transparency

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Sep 06

Baltic Ports Conference - Shaping the port industry of tomorrow

06.09.2017 - 08.09.2017

Trelleborg, Sweden

The conference will be dedicated to shaping the port industry of tomorrow. What will the future ports look like? How will they have to change and evolve in order to remain competitive?The ever-changing landscape of the port industry requires the ports to constantly adapt and evolve. New regulations, technological innovations and market dynamics call for a high degree of preparation and planning. BPC 2017 identifies the key issues, crucial for the development of ports not only in Europe, but worldwide.

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Sep 04

Marine SDI, INSPIRE and the EU Marine Directives Workshop

04.09.2017 - 08.09.2017

The workshop introduces the reporting requirements of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and the EU Maritime Spatial Planning Directive (MSPD), specifically regarding marine information components of national SDIs and INSPIRE compliant data in the coastal and marine information sectors. Significant challenges exist regarding coastal data sets of importance to MSFD and MSPD, which typically contain data from multiple INSPIRE themes. Some data required for MSFD and MSPD reporting is not included in the current INSPIRE specification, which raises additional questions and challenges regarding pan-European data harmonisation for compliance with these Directives. Existing good practice will be presented based on recent research into how European NMCAs and Hydrographic Offices (HOs) are contributing to the objectives of achieving a pan-European SDI based on INSPIRE specifications. Cross-border issues are especially relevant since the marine and coastal environments do not respect national boundaries.

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Sep 07

Oceans meeting

07.09.2017 - 08.09.2017

Lisbon, Portugal

The Ocean and marine resources form an integrated and essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem and are critical to sustainable development, playing an indisputable role as drivers for the global economy with significant potential for innovation and growth.

Recent landmark agreements, namely the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes a stand-alone goal for the oceans (SDG 14), helped to underscore the importance of the conservation and sustainable use of the Ocean and marine resources.

In light of these developments, we believe on the importance of keeping all the international players and stakeholders fully engaged in this debate, strengthening our commitment to the sustainable use of the Ocean and the development of a blue economy.

The Portuguese Government has assumed the Ocean as one of the main investment areas for the coming years, by designating a Minister of the Sea with three major priorities for Ocean Governance: the state’s sovereignty, the economy and the Ocean Literacy.

The event “Oceans Meeting 2017” focus on three main strategic areas of Ocean Policy: Economy, Ocean Culture, Science and Innovation. In this context, the four main goals of the event are:

1. Reinforce the role of common Ocean policies in the international context;
2. Enforcement of science and research in the blue economy;
3. Promote the Ocean’s literacy among young people;
4. Promote national and international visibility of entrepreneurs and industries.

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Sep 07


07.09.2017 - 08.09.2017

Constanta, Romania

The National Institute for Marine Research and Development “GRIGORE ANTIPA“ (NIMRD) invites participants to the 8th edition of the International Symposium PROTECTION OF THE BLACK SEA ECOSYSTEM AND THE SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF MARITIME ACTIVITIES (PROMARE). Scientific sessions include:

Section I - Oceanography and Coastal and Marine Engineering
Section II - Marine Ecology and Environmental Protection

Section III - Sustainable Use of Marine Resources
Section IV - Sustainable Development and Ecological Education

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Sep 05

Littoral 2017 Conference

05.09.2017 - 07.09.2017

Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK

EUCC and Liverpool Hope University invite you to our three-day international conference and excursions exploring the anthropocene and the littoral, with particular reference to the themes of 'change, naturalness and people'. The conference will seek to examine how humans and human processes influence the littoral, and how these influences may now be viewed as natural, as much as any other natural processes. The theme will gather all disciplines to explore current issues of relevance to the coast and will be of interest to a wide spectrum of scientists , including those from the physical sciences, climate change scientists and ecologists, social scientists, engineers, policy makers and advisers and practitioners. 

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Aug 20

Resilience 2017

20.08.2017 - 23.08.2017

Stockholm, Sweden

The Resilience 2017 conference is organized by the Resilience Centre at Stockholm University and the Resilience Alliance. Following previous Resilience conferences held on triennial basis since 2008, Resilience 2017 will discuss resilience as a key lens for biosphere-based sustainability science. It will reflect back on the scientific progress made, and aim to set out exciting future directions for research. A main focus will be on global sustainability challenges and opportunities, which today are heavily influenced by the speed, scale and connectivity of the Anthropocene. The Conference will explore four major conference themes: social-ecological transformations for sustainability; connectivity and cross-scale dynamics in the Anthropocene; multi-level governance and biosphere stewardship; and approaches and methods for understanding social-ecological system dynamics.

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Aug 22

Webinar: Do Data or Desires Drive MSP?



Coming up on August 22, 3:00 PM CEST: Do Data or Desires Drive MSP?

This session of the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet webinar series is hosted by Blue Solutions and will focus on the role of data in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). Blue Solutions is looking forward to a keynote presentation from Tundi Agardy, Executive Director of Sound Seas and MARES Program Director at Forest Trends. The webinar will then provide practical experiences of PANORAMA solutions on how data issues have been solved for planning and management efforts in marine and coastal areas. Jon Day from James Cook University will present experiences from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and Michelle Portman from the Israeli Technion University will introduce the role of data in the interactive and transparent MSP process in Israel.
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